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Thread: Logitech MX Revolution won't connect!

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    Logitech MX Revolution won't connect!

    Hi all

    I've just got an MX revolution. The thing is, the computer knows it's got the dongle in (both XP MCE and OS X) but the mouse won't connect to the dongle.

    I've gone through the connection process countless times in both OSs to no avail. The battery lights are lighting up on the mouse but there's nothing lighting up on the bottom. Should there be?

    I'm gutted as this was replacing my mighty mouse that's complete crap.

    Any suggestions from anyone?



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    Re: Logitech MX Revolution won't connect!

    Quote Originally Posted by koocha View Post
    but there's nothing lighting up on the bottom. Should there be?
    Nope, it's a laser mouse. There are no lights but the battery ones.

    Make sure you've got it in range, especially during the connection process. On my work PC my MX1000 really struggles (the cursor sometimes continues to wander around the screen for a second when I stop the mouse) when I plug the dongle into the rear of the PC, which is on the floor. I've since used an extension to place the dongle up on the desk itself. The dongle for my MX Revo at home is plugged into one of the USB ports around the back of the monitor, so I've never had any connection issues with it.

    Actually, that's possibly the only complaint I could have with the MX Revo. Such an expensive luxury mouse... you'd think they could have thrown in an extension for the dongle, like they do with the LX 710 keyboard/mouse combo (image below).

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