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    Mr Site

    I would like to setup a website for my kinship/guild. I have next to no knowledge of website really apart from using them.

    I read about Mr Site which is a package that includes domain a years hosting and 150mb space. All this for just over £20 on amazon

    Mr site also includes a site builder which would help me greatly

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this site? Or if they could in fact recommend something similar which is relatively cost effective

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasnt 100% sure were to put it

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Mr Site

    no, no, no, that is a terrible system

    just buy web hosting and a domain from one of the billions of hosts out there (which, wont cost much, at most you will be talking £50 a year, although you can get it for a little as £20 a year) and install a content management system (like the ones here Home - OpenSourceCMS ). which sounds a lot more complicated than it is, most of the time it is upload the files via ftp and go to a URL and click a big button that says "install"

    hope that helps

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