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Thread: Hard Disk Data Recovery

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    Question Hard Disk Data Recovery

    I have a thoshiba laptop which I was not able to boot because of power and battery issues. One of my IT admin guys were able to remove the hard disk and give it to me like an external hard disk. I am able to see the folder, but I am not able to copy some of the data and it is taking lot of time when I copy and stops when it reaches a corrupt file (I Assume). I need some tips on to how I can copy the data.


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    Re: Hard Disk Data Recovery

    If you don't want to recover 100% of the data, download a copy of Total Commander, and just copy, when it gets to a file which cannot be read, it will let you skip (unlike windows explorer which force you to cancel).

    Another (free) method is: try doing a chkdsk
    This will see if it is just some corruption to your MFT which could be fixed. chkdsk will probably ask you to put in the /f switch (i.e. chkdsk /f) to fix the MFT. If that still doesn't help, you could try chkdsk /r
    However this method may delete some of your corrupted files if chkdsk decides that it could not recover the data in the bad sectors.

    If it still doesn't work, you could always go down the recovery software route. (Not my thing though, may be someone can recommend a few of the good ones?)
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    Re: Hard Disk Data Recovery

    Thanks, I will try these options and let you know.

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