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Thread: HDV Cameras

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    HDV Cameras

    Hi guys, new on here so please be gentle. Need to purchase two of the above and compatible tape deck. What are the best best and who's the cheapest to get them off. Must be able to edit on Mac.
    Use: For filming football and documentary, then uploading to website.
    Many Thanks Olly.

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    Re: HDV Cameras

    Basics - if it is ONLY going to be for distribution on the web, then you probably don't need HD - particularly if it will be internet based. As for editing on a mac, you probably want something with firewire output.

    As for best - depends on your budget - you could end up paying a few £thousand for broadcast quality - or you could use a 3 CCD Sony camera which would give near broadcast quality - maybe a few £hundred. Again probably overkill, but if you keep the masters good, you can always compress it down later.

    In the semi-professional area, Sony are big names - but you really need to go to some specialist AV company for advice if you are spending that sort of money.

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    Re: HDV Cameras

    Needs to be for web and broadcast. It will be our own in house production company, so need the full kit, thats why not going the Sony PD - 150/170 route. Just awaiting a quote from someone, will put it on here when i get it and leave it open for discussion.
    Many Thanks

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