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Thread: Can I swap from an 8800GT to an 8800GT without reinstalling drivers?

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    Question Can I swap from an 8800GT to an 8800GT without reinstalling drivers?

    Hi all,

    I'll cut a long story short - I ordered a new gfx card (from ebuyer) for my new, quiet pc build. I chose the XFX 8800GT 512MB and was outraged when I installed it to discover that this particular flavour of XFX 8800GT (a YHF4 in XFX-speak) doesn't have an adjustable fan speed - yes, the 8800GT cooler runs constantly at 100%. My new computer became louder than my old rig that had an AthlonXP and bristled with 80mm fans!! (There is no information on ebuyer's website about the fan control (or lack of) - and to be fair to ebuyer, XFX themselves list all thei variants of 512MB 8800GTs, but make absolutely no reference to the fact that some of them permanently sound like a small hairdryer). The 8800GT I bought is useless for my needs due to this lack of accurate technical specifications. Fortunately ebuyer have accepted the RMA request for a refund. I've chosen a different XFX card, this time from Scan, that I know not only has adjustable fan speed, but also definitely comes with the new, larger, quieter fan (a YDQ4 in XFX-speak).

    So given that they're the same chipset from the same manufacturer, can I just swap them over without having to uninstall/reinstall drivers?

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    Re: Can I swap from an 8800GT to an 8800GT without reinstalling drivers?


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