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Thread: Laptop won't switch on

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    Laptop won't switch on

    Hi Guys

    got a problem with an old laptop, its a Samsung x05 (so was pretty decent back in its day) that wont charge or power up when connected to the mains. I'm 99% sure its the power connector on the board, but every company around Norfolk who will touch laptops want £100-£120 to fix it, which i think its pretty steep considering the part is only a few quid for a new one off the net.

    Does anybody know of any guides to take this bad boy apart and replace the power connector? had a search on google but to no avail!

    or even better, anybody live in Norfolk want to fix it for me for Hexus community prices
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    Re: Laptop won't switch on

    Those commercila prices are for the time taken to do the job, the knowledge they have to do it, and the risk they take that something goes wrong doing the job, as well as their overheads in maintaining a business. The actual component is a small part of the repair bill.

    As for guides, if you have found nothing on google, you are looking to see how it comes apart yourself. Some cases clip together, with or without screws, some have clip on covers that expose case screws (I once spent an hour taking all the screws out of a laptop to change a CD drive - turned out that there was a clip on cover that gave access to it - total time, 10 minutes - but thats experience - and what you pay for commercially!)

    So you need to carry out a careful visual inspection to see how the case migfht fit together. Screws are often hidden under labels, or in foot mouldings.

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