A week or so ago my phone was working fine, I awoke in the morning to a phone which wouldn't turn on. No big deal I thought it's just dead, so plugged it in to the charger and tried, nothing, ok, perhaps it's really flat, so I left it for a while (read over a day!) and it still wouldn't turn on.

It was then I noticed it WAS turning on - the lights on the green and red phone buttons were lit up, but the screen was totally black.

I've tried removing the battery and leaving it out for a while, the sim card is in another phone now as I needed a phone for holiday (good timing eh).

So... anyone have any pearls of wisdom to offer me?

Oh, and it's a 'hand me down' from my sister in law, so it's not covered by any kind of insurance and it's not possible to get it repaired for free or anything (bar what I can do myself)

Thanks in advance... (currently using an old Sony Erricson and going mental!)