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Thread: changing drives

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    changing drives

    I've got an External HDD at home with all my games on it. I went on today to find that its changed from being F:\ drive to G:\ drive. this means that all the stuff i've installed from a disk won't run anymore, because of the shortcuts. Can I change it back to F;\ drive, and how? (i've already tried using a different USB port - it didn't work.)

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    Re: changing drives

    Hi dmoll.

    Three things ...

    1) Welcome to HEXUS.

    2) This is really in the wrong forum. As the header says, "please don't post any questions though - these should go in the appropriate forum." That's largely because the people that can answer your question are best found in relevant technical sections. So I'll move this there.

    3) What operating system? Windows XP? Vista? Windows 7? Linux? Apple Leopard, Lion or whatever animal they're up to now?

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    Re: changing drives

    Whichever version of Windows, drive letter management can be handled using Disk Management.

    Right-click on your Computer or My Computer shortcut and choose Manage from the menu. This will open the Computer Management console. From this click on Disk Management (located in the Storage section). Once in, find your drive and right-click on it and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.

    You may find something else has claimed the letter you want, and you might need to reassign whatever that is first.

    NB, I'm assuming Windows due to the use of drive letters.

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