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Thread: emails - just need to check.

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    emails - just need to check.

    Ok for the last few months ive been getting spammed with netsky.c@amm infected emails. Im sure theres nothing on my pc causing it (but in win2k and xp theres always somewhere for stuff to hide.... I miss the simplicity of win98...). Also several people have confirmed that its other people, which is what I assumed originally anyway and also what the virus info pages say at various sites.
    This is now not just .c@mm but loads of varients, .p@mm is todays one..

    So now theres a new bunch of crap spamming me, and yes its getting VERY annoying. I need to check that its not from or caused by mine, just to be sure that I can still live in my make-belive world that a pc can be compleatly secure/safe [from the virus side of things anyway - I have a hardware firewall which I need to check later, either seperate thread or in here once this virus thing is sorted.] without a AV app *if* the user knows what they are doing... (and doesnt use IE, outlook or other such poo...)

    Theres nothing much in the headers, they all look like normal emails from normal accounts, probably faked... (which is the most bloody annoying thing, as theres no way to stop it!)

    Theres a new type also, heres an example. Email address is partially ***'ed out as Im assuming the person owning it might not even have a clue that theres is doing it... bits without the *** are exactly as the address is (is .c even a real ending thing [forgot name..] wouldnt want it to get spammed with viruses.... (as itll probably get more crap trying to spam me in future!!!)

    from: info@***software.c
    Subject :Mail Delivery (failure [myaddress]

    There is no attachment and the text is as follows:
    If the message will not displayed automatically,
    follow the link to read the delivered message.
    Received message is available at:[myaddress]/read.php?sessionid-2805
    Thing is, yahoo email doesnt have url's like that. going there just asks me to sign in and thats all. The only point in this would be a phishing trick... but the url isnt going to do that.. so only by hacking yahoo servers in some uber way could it work... too much effort for a pishing trick.. dont ya think?

    [edit] the url is acctually different. the one above is whats displayed. this is the acctuall url, edited a bit to protect my email ofcourse. (the bits in []'s). still I dont see any pish (sp? is it pish or phish..? i forget?). anyway it takes me to yahoo log in page, definatly on yahoo server (as loging in logs me out on the real email url's if I chose that option). Still it doesnt let me log in, it just loops the log in page.


    Now this is really confusing me. If its not:
    phishing my details, password etc..
    and its not trying to infect me
    and I havent ever sent mail to that address, nor recived from it
    or that address is faked
    then some one please tell me WHAT IS THE FKN POINT IN IT SPAMMING ME!??

    edit: also the ones with attachemts, which yahoo detects as .p@mm, some have info@domain.** - this is similar to the other type with mail delivery failure which all have info@domain.**

    AHH FFS!! I know whats happened!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *** crys ****

    Right. looking back over the last week, one sender address stands out VERY VERY VERY much. Yes its my stupid n00b aunt that has done a basic course on using ms word at a crappy college (which she payed a lot to do, lol) and so thinks she knows everything.
    Somehow she has got my address and therefore its all her fault.

    However its not all bad, they are infact quite rich (and constatly boast about it all the time. My aunt - my mums sister is stupid, and married a rich bloke and so somehow has money... arh I hate her in every way... such an evil person gets everything (well money anyway).
    I will offer to fix it for a substantial amount. that should do, then I get money.

    Sorry for making you all read this.. could have saved time if I looked mroe closley at the addresses... its all obviouis now...
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    i get a fair few viruses each day =) my AV soft catches em tho. done get any to my gmail account however...but then maybe its just too new

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    Its not gonna be you thats the problem. It will be someone that is on the internet that is infected and has your email address in their contacts or in a some dist list or sumthing stupid from a email harvest.

    I work in a messaging team at the momet and we catch on average about 100,000 emails a day which have viruses.................nothing you can do about them cos the senders are out of our control. Just make sure you got a good av checker that integrates with your email client and you should be fine.

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