I was wondering whether anyone had run across the following problem, especially if they'd seen a fix for it:

I use a Windows XP station to administer several 2K servers. I use the MMC and also have to use things like the RRAS and Internet Authentication Service snap-ins. Unfortunately, since installing SP2 on my station, using these snap-ins results in an error when loading the Remote Access Policies module, which is as follows:

Quote Originally Posted by Really Bloody Annoying MS Error Message
An error occurred while trying to get information for an attribute. The stub received bad data.
The error repeats until you kill MMC with Task Manager.

I think this is because of some changes that MS made to DCOM to deal with a couple of security issues, but whatever it is it's flipping annoying. Anyone else seen this, or better yet a fix/workaround? I can TS into the server and do the admin directly from there but it'd be better if I could get MMC to work properly from my machine. I could uninstall SP2, but I'd rather not for various reasons.

Thanks in advance.