i am now at my wits end

for some reason there is something on my comp stopping me from transferring music to my 7600

i have loaded all drivers and software it lets me take stuff off the fone but not put anything on it

when trying music it starts to transfer then cancels after like half a second

now i know it is not the phone or software as it all works great on my sisters comp both with xp and all updates except sp2

only difference is hardware

my usb ports seem ok as my webcam/printer and joypad work fine

my system is

asus a7n8x e deluxe mobo using onboard soundstorm and ethernet
windows xp

i just dont know what it could be i have searched the net in my quest which has now lasted 2 weeks

maybe you guys can help

i did read omewhere something maybe to do with not putting correct entry in registry but i cant find it now

ong please help lol