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Thread: help with a new system set up?

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    help with a new system set up?

    Hi there

    i have just spend a small fortune in buying a new system, which now seems to be worse than my old one??

    64 amd 3200 cpu
    1 gig of ballistix memory
    an asus A8N SLI deluxe mobo
    and a single gainward 6600GT (goes like hell)
    and a tagen 420w psu
    and finally 2 barracuda sata drives (nvidia raid setup stripe)

    im sure its all set up right, but when i load games its very very slow compared to my old set up and i have graphic problems too,i have set the graphics no different to the old one.
    when i do play a game (ie call of duty) every time smoke is on screen i lag very badly?

    the main thing that i am conserned about is that the little sli "ez" card tells me when my single graphics card is in the blue slot, that the arrow on the ez card is to face towards the dual slot? how can that be an EZ set up when its all facing the wrong way? i have checked the website to see if there was a print error and it was the same?
    also checking on my properties on my graphics card the pci-e bus speed is 8x?

    anyway anyone has any ideas or tips i would love to hear from you please pm me for more info!!

    Many many thanks
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    ok i have sorted the problem out. if anyone has an A8N SLI deluxe motherboard im sure you all went with your commen sense and not by the manual? as it says in the manual the "ez" chip is installed ready for a single card... which it wasnt! also the manual pictures also show the single card arrow facing down towards the 2nd pci, then it shows how to change the "ez" chip over for dual pci, where the chip starts off facing the blue single slot?! 6.6.2 i think the page number is, see if is the same for you too! im going to right an email to asus to congratulate them

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