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Thread: RAM voltage question

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    RAM voltage question

    So I'm considering buying more RAM. The RAM I have (DDR3) has XMP profiles with voltages at 1.65V and current RAM running at a similar speed has XMP profiles running at 1.5V so achieve the same speeds / timings.

    So the question is of course can I run RAM at different voltages in order to keep it all running at 1600MHz with decent latencies or will my E-Peen have to shrink slightly and run them all at the lower voltages? I was planning on just sticking it on XMP in the BIOS and letting it sort itself out but I suppose I could do it manually if I could be bothered.

    I'd rather know before I spend £93. Cheers for any input.

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    Re: RAM voltage question

    Can't say with certainty as I've never actually tried it, but I would be very surprised if the motherboard lets you run individual DIMMs at different voltages. I don't think you can even set different timings for individual DIMMs.

    I'm going to go and check my EFI settings for any such options and wil report back shortly.

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    Re: RAM voltage question

    I would recommend not to mix different XMP specifications, a single memory chip can slow-down the entire lot. I have never seem MB with individually adjusted voltages for RAM modules. Good luck.

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