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Thread: Debugging random screen blips

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    Debugging random screen blips

    Hey guys,

    at the end of last year I finally upgraded my rig, I went from a 970 and a very old i5 to 5600x and 3070 FE.

    Everything is new on my system apart from using my old 1440x3440 monitor. Which always worked flawlessy, I now however when gaming will get a random black screen for a second or 2. But I have no idea whats making it do that, could be the game, could be the GPU or some settings conflicting on the OS maybe. Basically I have no idea how to even go about trying to find the problem, where do I look, is there something I can run that will record any errors so I can then use those errors to debug?

    Any help in advance is appreciated

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      • Asus P6X58D-E
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      • Intel X5670
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      • EVGA G3 750W
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      • Corsair 700D
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      • Windows 7 Ultimate
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      • HP LP2475 & HP ZR24w

    Re: Debugging random screen blips

    Have you tried:

    plugging the DP cable into another DP socket on the graphics card (also clean the contacts on the DP cable connector with IPA 99% and check for any broken contacts)?

    use a older version of the gfx driver?

    use separate rails on each of the 8 pin connector (assuming you have the 2x 8 pin to 12 pin cable)?

    is it all the games you play or just one that start to show that symptom?

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    Re: Debugging random screen blips

    Thanks for your reply,

    So I am pretty sure its not the gfx driver as I have updated it several times and performed clean installations.

    I think I found the cause as it's not happened since.

    My monitor is an Acer XR342CK which runs at 75hhz, I have always had it oc to 100hz with no issues. However when I did the new build, I turned it down to 75hz and turned on Gsync. As my monitor isn't on the "official" list I kept having weird things like on dark themed windows it would slightly flicker the brightness when moving the mouse from light to dark and of course the main thing was the blips of black screen.

    Since turning it off just over a week ago fingers crossed it seems to have stopped and I am back on 100hz

    Stupidly I have only been playing warzone so I couldn't rule out it was just that game but as I played it solidly before I assumed it wasn't. Thanks for the help anyways!

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