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Thread: USB hard drive

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    USB hard drive

    My old router included a USB port for attaching a SSD that could be accessed across my network. My new router (Orbi) does not include such a usefull facility. I believe that it would be of no help to plug the drive in to an available ethernet port via a converter as the drive would need an accessible address.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

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    Re: USB hard drive

    I presume there are files on the drive that you want to keep? There are various ways forwards with different levels of expense and effort.

    You could use a Raspberry Pi as a server
    You could buy a NAS

    but possibly, you could dig out your old router, switch off the DHCP server functions so it doesn't interfere with the new router, and then use that just to share the files. Fire up the router with nothing connected, plug a laptop into one of the LAN ports, and see what you can configure. If you tell us what model of router is it, we might be able to find the manual online and give some pointers.

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