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Thread: External vs Internal+Box HDDs

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    External vs Internal+Box HDDs

    i am thinking to purchase between a 200 and 250 Hdd for my laptop, and i am between pure external or an internal + box hdd, the price is moreover the same maybe 5pounds difference....

    except the price, does the performance change using an external and a box hdd?


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    I just purchased an Icybox and Seagate 250Gb was very impressed, so I bought another Icybox and a 160Gb Seagate.

    Personally I'd go with an enclsure and internal hard drive, since if the drive messes up at least you can take it out and attach it to IDE/Sata to recover any data. With the pre built units you cannot do this without voiding any warranty. Plus I have had bad experiences in the past with Lacie drives YMMV.

    If you have the option go for firewire enclosure the performance is better and uses less resources. My boxes are both firewire and USB2.0. I purchased from

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    I would go for the external box and add a internal drive to it. Tekheads are currently doing a 200GB drive for £50 so you could always pick that up with a £20 HD case and for £70 you got an amazing deal.

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