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Thread: Sudden CPU temp rise 3.4 540/AA8

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    Sudden CPU temp rise 3.4 550/AA8

    All of a sudden my CPU temperature is hitting 75, which is setting off the alarm. It's a 3.4ghz 550 with 1G and x800pro. My motherboard is an AA8, which has the guru eq-monitor which provides me with the temp information. This overheating first occurred when playing world of warcraft resulting in the pc beeping at me last night, as soon as I minimize wow it stops. I have run all checks for spy-ad ware and a virus check which all came out clean. My tower has not been moved and remains in a relatively cool place and since the heating has been switched off for the summer is currently cooler if anything.

    What could result in a sudden temp rise in my CPU temps?

    If anyone has a similar setup could I get a screen shot of someone else’s AA8 temperature EQ please? Just to compare all the temps.

    I'm going to re-install Guru later and see if that helps.

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