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Thread: My 9800XT just died to death......long-shot Q!

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    My 9800XT just died to death......long-shot Q!

    Hey guys and gals!

    Ok, so on Sunday night I was quite happily playing WoW and Guild Wars. Was getting some artifacts in WoW after a few hours play, but card wasn't over-heating and when I switched over to play Guild Wars, everything was running like a beauty Turned off when I'd had enough, as normal.

    Woke up Monday morning, turned my PC on to check emails BIOS POST error messages.....nothing.....just the noise of fans and HDD's spinning up. Arse.

    Anyway, spent a few hours swapping components out etc, and it turns out my beloved 9800XT seems to have just decided enough was enough....god knows why, I wasn't working it that hard!

    I know this is a long-shot, but does anyone know if there's some magical trick I can use to bring it back to life? LOL. It just seems really odd that it should pack in overnight when it wasn't switched on. We didn't have any thunder storms, so I'm fairly sure it wasn't a power spike or anything (plus my extension cable filters that out anyway) and the fact that it seemed to be running perfectly fine....something just doesn't add up. I hadn't done ANY fiddling with settings, of ANY kind that night, or for the few months before so that makes it even weirder.

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    To be honest Id say its more common for the fault to appear once you reboot than while in operation, although I did once come home to a dead ti4200 and the PC had been on all day. First things first, Id try another card in your PC (check your board hasnt been fried, on board gfx would do, that way you know the 9800 wont fry somthing else you put it in), if it works all well and good and then id try the 9800XT in another PC and see if it works, if not dead card and its time to check your warranty.

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    Yeah, I'm actually running on my trusty old Ti4200 right now (best card I ever bought, haha) on the same PC....that's how I worked out it was the graphics card causing problems.

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    have you tried the 9800xt in another motherboard? long shot but my 6800 kept turning off and eventually wouldnt boot in my nf-7, but i changed to a dfi and now its working fine again!

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