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Thread: Broken CDRW

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    Angry Broken CDRW

    Hey all

    I have a problem I have a Artec 48x 12x 48x CDRW took it to a large scale PC retailer repair centre to have a problem fixed, got my machine back to find the CD Writer no longer works.

    The drive works fine apart for when it has to write something i recently tried to "Backup" some photos and the drive worked fine then it got to 14% and it just packed in.

    Device Manager displays that everything is ok with it but i know its not i have tried 4 makes of media but to no avail

    I live 35 miles from my above "Superstore" so going back is out of the question.

    I know with the price of them i should just buy a new one but that would mean spending some money

    If Anyone knows of a way to fix this problem please let me know

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    Mike Fishcake
    Have you eliminated software issues?

    if you have 2 drives, you could maybe try booting from your other drive, an Ultimate Windows Boot CD - - and using the burning software on there to see if that works. If it does, you've probably got some SW issue somewhere.

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    no i have 2 drives the other is an generic DVD Rom have just started uninstalling nero to see if that fixes it

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