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Thread: RAM Timings help required - n00b to A64 overclocking

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    RAM Timings help required - n00b to A64 overclocking

    Ok, well finally i got my pc up and running on windows 2000.

    And the majority of it is patched etc.

    But anyway my hardware / setup is as follows...

    Venice 3000+
    (with AK-913 heatpipe cooler)
    ASUS A8N SLi Deluxe (Bios 1011)
    Patriot XBLK PC3200 RAM (TCCD)
    2x 200Gb SATA Maxtor 10's

    Ok i am wanting to overclock this, and well i have got FSB to 280, and that is where i want to leave it, as it is ultra cool; idling at around 36/37 degrees with 2 adda fans on it (both silent ).
    It is the RAM that i have absolutely no clue about.
    What are the best settings that i need? If i want it to go to about 230Mhz to keep in step with the CPU but this bios and mobo is very strange. It doesn;t give the actual 'divider value' and just lets you set a speed? For instance 200 266 333 400 433 466 etc etc and for little me its a bit confusing.

    Ok i know these sticks can do 2-2-2-5 at 230Mhz but what voltage do you think i should use? 2.7 / 2.75 ???
    Also what doe the other numbers represent i.e. the BANK CHARGE CYCLE etc?

    If anyone is able to help me out i would be very very grateful

    Thank You all very Much


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    In my experience, set them to 2.75v, then leave them at that for whatever you try to do with them. Higher voltages will probablky hinder stability (as will lower obviously) when you push these to anywhere near their capacity.
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