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Thread: Nforce2 Neo MSI, I need advice?

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    Question Nforce2 Neo MSI, I need advice?

    Hi, my friend phoned me today, he has a athlon 64 processor, 512 meg ddr 400 ram, basically, he turns his pc on, the power led flashes, but nothing else works, its dead.
    i check his power supply in my pc, booted my pc up fine, so it isnt that, there is no mobo light on this mobo, so i couldnt tell if there was an error,(usually green or amber or worst of all, red) but basically, there were no beeps, no sounds, no fans or anything working on the mobo, im pressuming its dead.

    he said it was working for 2 days...THEN he went to MSI website,he said the web site found his drivers for him he told me he installed them, restarted, then bang, it was dead. am i right in assuming the mobo has gone gaga???

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    Did it actually go bang!!

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    no, it restarted, then stoped dead, powered down, then from that moment, only the power led works, nothing else

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