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Thread: Formatting Drive query??

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    Formatting Drive query??

    I'm not one to know much about formatting but i want to formatt my whole harddrive without having to reinstall Xp and the internet Setting again,So If i Format by just going to -My computer,Right on "Hard Drive C" and press format will this just format the drive and not the whole pc,I.e not having to reinstall xp and ****?

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    Unless the hd is partitioned, no, you cant do that, only then would you be able to format the other partitions, you cant touch c drive. You will have to format with the xp disc. You can make an image of the drive prior to format, and load this when formnatted.

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    It will delete whatever is on the C: drive, which is probably the OS itself. Why exactly do you want to reformat?
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