Hi all,
My PC was running fine for about 12 months, overclocked nicely too.

About 3 months ago it started randomly rebooting itself, no real pattern, temps were good but I downclocked it anyway, no difference so yesterday I finally got round to reinstalling Windows.

I'm using an NF7-S V2, Barton 2600+ Mobile, 1gb (2x512mb) Crucial Ballistix and a 120 Maxtor SATA HDD

First problem ... when booting from CD and it asks "press F6 to install sata/raid driver" when I press F6 nothing happens?? I thought it might be the keyboard but I tried another one.
I could sort of get past that as a little later it says something like "no hard disk found if you have an install disk for your hard drive put it in the floppy drive now" so I enter the raid/sata floppy disk (latest version) and it installs it, then it goes through the whole copying windows files etc etc then on the first reboot the Windows XP loading screen flashes up just for a second then I get a blue screen "stop" error.

I have tried this several times.
I have flashed the bios from D26 Black MantraRay back to the latest one form the Abit site.
I have removed everything from the computer including the processor and rebuilt it just with essentials.
I have tried the memory in different slots and tried only using one stick at a time.

No idea what to do next, it could be the memory, hard disk or the motherboard, dont have the money or the means to test them all.