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Thread: Laptop Processor Upgrade help

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    Laptop Processor Upgrade help

    OK I could have posted this in the laptop sub-forum but with only 5 posts there in the last month I reckon its not frequented much.

    My little laptop has the following processor:

    Celeron M 350, 1.3 ghz, code name Dothan, mPGA-479M package, 90nm technology, stepping 6, revision B1
    Bus Speed 400mhz, 32k L1 cache, 1024K L2 cache.

    Its a nippy little performer for only 1.3 ghz but now that I've found out how to take the thing to bits I'm interested in seeing if I can fit a faster processor. Obviously there are heat issues but, those aside, can some knowledgeable person tell me what is the fastest Pentium M I could install. I had a look at the Intel website but got totally confused.

    (The chipset is SiS661FX and the memory is PC2700).
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    should take any pentium M of a 400 fsb bus. I would stick with the 1.8 or below though becuase i have heard of some chipsets with problems on the 2 ghz and the 2.1 ghz models.

    a dothan 1.6, 1.7 or 1.8 would give you a nice spped bost with the extra cahce and extra few hundred mhz. Another benefit would be that speedstep is availabel on full blown pentium Ms that would increase your battery life a bit.

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