I have a Viewsonic VX912B and am using the DVI connection for my PC and the VGA for my XBOX360..

But since connecting up my 360, the picture quality on the TFT has been really quite bad to be honest, like around the right hand side of text/graphics/light images on a dark background/cross-hairs in game (this is the most annoying as you can imagine!) etc.. There has been considerable amount of blurred/shadow from the left to right direction (always the shadowing is on the right). I have taken some photos shown below, to try and better show what I mean.

As I am wondering whether it is the monitor or whether its the cable!?.. As I've never had any trouble/problems before when connecting PCs to the TFT and from reading around (and personal experience) this monitor isn't supposed to/doesn't suffer from ghosting, so I'm unsure of what the real cause is.

Its very noticable in the above photo and shows most clearly how bad it is.

Any help would be great, thanks.