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Thread: building a new pc for 3D rendering. advise please.

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    Question building a new pc for 3D rendering. advise please.

    hi all,

    im looking at putting together a new pc which will be primarily for running 3D rendering and modelling programs (cinema4D, poser etc) and some gaming, im looking at the following :-
    cpu, intel core 2 extreme X6800,
    mobo, asus P5WDG2 WS,
    graphics card, sapphire ATI radeon X1950,
    plextor PX-755SA sata DVD drive.
    ill be using existing hard drives 1 x raptor (programs) and 1 x caviar (storage)

    just wanted some advise, recommendations on what PSU and RAM (2 GIG) to use ???????

    thanks for any help offered

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