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Thread: Disabling RAID controller on mainboard

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    Disabling RAID controller on mainboard

    Hi guys,
    I'm planning on building my new PC, and I tend to be very impatient when it comes to performance. Anyways, I've decided that my PC is going to be a Core 2 Duo so I have done abit of looking around for which mainboards I would like to get. My problem is, I would like to run a SATA2 RAID 5 configuration but most of the boards only support RAID 0,1,0+1. Is it possible for me to simply disable the SATA controllers on the mainboard, so that I could simply add an individual SATA controller card to the PC?


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    first be aware RAID 5 is not a performance configuration, it is data protection. Plus unless u use PCIe most SATA cards that run on the PCI bus suffer from the lack of bandwidth that PCI offers. If u still want to disable the onboard SATA then do it in the bios. Hope this helps, suggest you read reviews of RAID cards on some scene sites like here, anandtech, toms, bittech etc

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    There are PCI Express RAID cards in existence, not sure if they really make use of the extra bandwidth mind you... RAID 0+1 will see you right though anyway, as it should be good for both redundancy and speed. RAID 5 isn't going to give you better performance, just better redundancy overall as stated above!
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