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Thread: ps/2 problem

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    ps/2 problem

    Have a mildly bizarre problem in that my ps/2 port appears to have snuffed it.
    I'm using a saitek eclipse keyboard connected by usb and was, until today, using a mx1000 connected via a usb to ps/2 adaptor.
    Earlier today the mouse stopped working suddenly and eventually I removed the adaptor and plugged the mouse straight in using usb, this works fine, but a number of goes using ps/2 again, including two different adaptors have failed.
    So it's not exactly a dire situation, but i'd quite like to fix it.
    Any ideas very welcome.

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    Erm forget it... Only thing you can try would be a native ps/2 mouse, but I am guessing that that will get you nowhere either. You could try a complete power down (unplug from the mains as well so the PSU is no longer receiving any current) and then see what happens when you boot...?
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