Hi guys.

I downloaded an ipod plugin (ml_ipod) for winamp so i could copy some music onto a 60gb ipod video. (dont ask me why.....) I made the mistake of not reading the instructions and had to use the "send to" function to put music on the ipod. The ipod didnt show up under devices, and because it didnt show it meant that i had to reboot the ipod so i could disconnect it. (there was no way i could say "stop" and then remove the ipod)

The music is on the ipod fine

But when i plug the ipod in and use itunes it says that it needs to "restore" (format) the ipod, not "update" it - and wont let me do anything with the ipod.

I was wondering if there is someway i can transfer some config file or something and repair whatever has been damanaged by using the winamp plugin?

Or alternatively i dont mind formatting but i need some way of getting the photo's off it, and could only find a program for mac's not for windows.

Thanks very much for any help guys, its quite frustrating.