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Thread: Icybox IB-360ASTUS-B-BL Help needed

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    Icybox IB-360ASTUS-B-BL Help needed

    I've just bought one of these and I have a sneaky feeling it's faulty. The specs for the enclosure are;

    Support for IDE & SATA hard drive
    USB 2.0 and SATA host interface

    The problem is that I have tried a 120gb Maxtor IDE drive in this and it will not detect when connected via the SATA cable, it will detect using the USB connection.

    Am I missing something or must you have a SATA drive to use the SATA connection to the PC? Thanx in advance.

    PS I have used a SATA drive with this and it connects okay via SATA, I just think the IDE to SATA interface is goosed!

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    I think its just SATA-SATA IDE-USB.

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    Cheers m8, I think your right! The dodgy manual does lead you to believe that you can use either USB or SATA.

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