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    Hi All

    I am looking at getting a 7900GX2 (not the 7950) and i need to know if the latest drivers work ok with the card. Are there any issues with these on performance compared to the 7950GX2?

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    I've had no problems. Works just the same as a 7950GX2. The SLI works completely invisibly (e.g. using the 91.47 drivers, I don't have to muck about with SLI profiles or anything; the card just works). In terms of performance, I have notched up a score in the region of 8500 marks in 3DM06 with a moderate overclock, but I've run it at stock because it's fast enough.

    I've put mine up for sale in this thread. I've decided that I'm either going to try and snag an 8800GTX or bow out from gaming for a few months to concentrate on work and family life. Even if you're not interested, feel free to ask any questions about these cards because I've gained some experience with them.


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    Not had any problems with the 7900gx2 in a system I built for a friend. It all works fine with the latest drivers, and goes very very fast when teamed up with a 6600 and 2gig fast ram.

    The only problem is the size of the thing. I put it in a stacker case that should have had loads of space for anything, but I had to rearrange the HDs in the bay at the base, and ended up with about 2mm clearance. And the cables were not tidy...
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