made this the other night - very nice it was too...
you will need:
pack of fajitas/wraps (sainsburys/tescos usually do these - easiest option in my opinion)
chicken - 4 people = 6 good sized breasts, guage for yourself how much.
2 avocados
1 can chopped tomatos
1 pack of cherry tomatos
BBQ marinade for chicken
double cream
cheese (cheddar, feta? what ever you feel)
1 Lime
2 Lemons [or that ready-made jif lemon will do]
Encona hot sauce ( )
Tabasco sauce
olive oil

salad...of own choice

And a Blender

oven not needed. if you have a bbq then great - i did this on a pan.
first put bbq sauce into a bowl, skinned chicken breasts into bowl and mix around until all covered nicely. put clim film over top and leave to soak sauce up, meanwhile...

skin and chop avocados into chunks, put them into blender. blend a bit to get size down. onto the avocado squeeze half a lime and dab of olive oil. Blend briefly to reduce size of chunks until it starts to become creamy in texture (creamy with chunks)
add 1/4 of the cherry tomatos chopped in half, and then half again - blend. by this stange it wil lmost probably be a very gooey green mess with red bits in. blend until texture to taste...

put chopped tomatos into blender with 3/4 pack of cherry tomatos. blend.
take the result and strain through a sieve until no longer watery.
stir in the corriander (finely chopped) and chives (finely chopped) and squeeze some lime in followed by olive oil - stir lots.
add only a few drops of encona hot sauce and - it is very hot stuff and doesn't do favours to smother taste of tomatos with it, stir in until satisfied.

Sour cream:
take double cream and squeeze a lemon into it graduatly whilst still stirring. it will stiffen up a bit but keep going and it will soften again...add a small squeeze of lime - no more.

take big pan high heat. olive oil on pan than throw chicken all onmaking sure during first part of cooking that all surface of chicken gets touch of heat.
once rady put a lid over the pan and let cook for 5 mins - keep checking it though!
when ready - i.e. not burnt flip chicken over and do other sides...until happy its all good and cooked.
place chicken on plate and with sharp knife slice into strips and serve on a dish with salsa, guacomole, sour cream, wraps. bung it all together and eat. some salad works well in the wraps too along with the cheese.