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Thread: Quick dish - Chicken\Quorn, Tomato, spinach with rice

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    Quick dish - Chicken\Quorn, Tomato, spinach with rice

    Here's a nice quick & easy dish for 2 people or 2 meals if like me you keep a batch for next day.
    Good thing about this dish is that you can change/add/remove things to suit your tastes.

    I dont have a name for this...

    • Diced Chicken/Quorn Pieces. 400-600g
    • 1x Onion
    • 1x bell pepper (any colour) (optional)
    • 200g mushrooms (any sort your preference) (optional)
    • Corn starch/flour (optional) depends how watery your tinned tomatos are
    • Garlic (fresh or lazy) amount is up to you
    • Spinach 200g
    • 1 Tin of plum or chopped tomatoes (or fresh & chop your own)
    • Rice, I like 'Long grain & wild rice' but any sort will do & however much you would normally have. I measure in a mug that wont be the same size for you. But approx 1/3 or 1/4 mug depending on size.
    • Oil/butter or whatever you cook with
    • Salt & Pepper to taste

    • Wash your veg
    • Chop your tomatoes if using fresh
    • Dice the onion & bell pepper
    • Chop the mushrooms (bigger the better here, I do halves, probably whole if using button mushrooms)
    • Get the garlic ready

    • Saute/Frying pan (I use a saute pan, but when I've cooked it at friends houses a large frying pan will work here as well)
    • Suitable pot/pan for cooking the rice. Unless you're doing microwave rice.

    • As the spinach leaves are quite big I cheat sligtly and part cook it in a large bowl in the Microwave to reduce its footprint. You could also steam but the less tools & simpler the better.

    This is the way I do this dish I add no perfection.

    • Firstly get the rice cooking as that takes the longest and can be left to do its thing. (See packet instructions on how to cook rice).

    Onto the main dish

    • Heat (high) the pan with a little oil or butter
    • Chuck in the chopped onions for a couple of minutes until slightly softer & you have a bit of the onoin flavouring
    • Now add the Chicken & cook for 5mins until seared/slightly browned
    • Reduce the heat slightly & add the garlic
    • Add the bell peppers & mushrooms for a minute if you're haivng any
    • Reduce the heat to a low to medium heat & stir in the tomatoes
    • Now add the spinach
    • Reduce heat to a simmer for 10mins with lid on - if your tinned tomatoes were quite watery, either take the lid off and allow some of the steam to escape to naturally thicken the sauce or add flour or corn starch for a quicker result.

    Add the rice to plate
    Add main dish
    Salt & pepper if required
    Fingers X you enjoy

    Image sorted for you - Zak
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    Re: Quick dish - Chicken\Quorn, Tomato, spinach with rice

    good cooking bud

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    Re: Quick dish - Chicken\Quorn, Tomato, spinach with rice

    Yeah sounds great I don't cook often but when I do it generally turns out well, and this is right up my street !!!
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