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Thread: Headline :: Splinter Cell: Convicted set to re-define the series

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    Headline :: Splinter Cell: Convicted set to re-define the series

    Ubisoft has officially announced the 5th Splinter Cell game and they say it will take the series in a totally new direction. Thank God for that, the last one was pants.

    Check out the Headline

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    The last one was pants (IMHO) purely due to the annoying split-focused timed bits (where you had to effectively complete two sets of objectives at once). All I ever wanted to do was sneak around in the dark killing people and hiding the bodies (perhaps I have issues?) - that's fun. My fave way to play was to see if i complete each mission leaving noone alive and raising no alarms. Essentially i'm a closet psychopath I generally hate timers in games and with the SC series half the fun was being able to take a lot of time over a mission, carefully scouting and researching the best path to take - a timer removes that to some extent.

    I did like the matrix-style training bit tho - neato

    So, this new one is

    a: set in the daytime
    b: has no super-secret-agent-gadgety goodness

    This does not bode well - i'm all for them trying new directions with it but.. I'll reserve judgement for the final game but i'd like to hear more about the implementation.
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