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Thread: Headline :: Ubiday Live 07 - Ubisoft announce Beowulf for Xbox 360

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    Headline :: Ubiday Live 07 - Ubisoft announce Beowulf for Xbox 360

    Nick's over in Paris at the moment, he'll be taking a trip to the Moulin Rouge later, but for now he's intent on letting us know any new news from Ubiday, an event where Ubisoft are showcasing their new games.

    Check out the Headline

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    8/ Hmmm, might be good, but based on the film, probably released at the same time, sound like it could be a stinker. But it's not being published by EA, and it does sound like it will be good. Hopefully both the film and the game will do the story justice, otherwise it would be a complete waste of an excellent tale.

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    Urgh the Moulin Rouge is in the dirtiest scummiest area of Paris full of run down pron shops, the place itself is ok, kind of cool actual. Like a diamond in a cesspit.

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