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Thread: Headlines - ASUS Eee PC 904 and 905 confirmed

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    Headlines - ASUS Eee PC 904 and 905 confirmed

    Turns out those early rumours are true. ASUS does have two new Eee PC models on the way and there's pictures to prove it.
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    Re: Headlines - ASUS Eee PC 904 and 905 confirmed


    I know... why don't they make it 4 inches wider and put a numeric keypad on the side... and to keep the cost down they could put the 7" screen in it!

    But seriously... who on earth is going to buy one of these when there's the choice between the 901 or 1000?

    Maybe they think it's a good idea because of the 700's sucess - because they think it was down to the look of all the plastic around the screen.
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    Re: Headlines - ASUS Eee PC 904 and 905 confirmed

    It absolutely doesn't make any sense. Surely the price difference will be so small, anyone with some level of sense would either opt for the 901 or 1000. Personally I think the 1000 is too big for the niche that the Eee PC was originally meant to fill. If anything, the 901 is slightly too big. Why get a 10" screen when there are so many 12" and 13" alternatives. Saying that, why not just go for 14", 15" and even 17". They should have gone with a form factor, and stuck with it, improving on it and making it cheaper, not flooding the market and confusing consumers and retailers with nonsense products. The 10" models might be an ok size if they didn't have such a big keyboard and plastic bevels. If you want a big keyboard buy a regular laptop - that's what they're for (and many are cheaper and more powerful than the Eee 1000,Wind,etc.)

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