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Now the question is, which SSDs use MLC, and which SLC?
Price and preformance usually tell you the answer to that one...
Or did, at least until this new wave of higher performance and cheaper stuff, which already lost me, and is probably about to get even more confusing. You can't really draw a line and separate the two so easily anymore, as price is no longer indicative of performance with new manufacturers and more efficient manufacturing methods constantly coming into play. Just in the last month or two, more new SSDs with previously unseen and wildly varying prices and performance levels have cropped up than I can keep track of. And soon there will be the new, allegedly super affordable and high capacity Intel drives and simultaneously cheaper and higher performance Samsung drives, along with who knows what else.

But of course, this is new stuff, and standards aren't set yet. As the competition picks up, I imagine more manufacturers will be more likely to disclose such information, at least in an effort to gain an edge over the others. I just hope it reaches that point within the next few months, because I figure that the capacity and performance for the price will become competitive with performance HDDs like the Velociraptors, and many more people will likely be in the market for one then, than right now.

I know I'd certainly take a faster 128GB flash drive for close to the same price over even the 300GB Velociraptor, and we're almost at that point as of right now.