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Thread: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Dell plunges

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    Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Dell plunges

    Dell and everyone else see a drop this week
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    Re: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Dell plunges

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    Re: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: Dell plunges

    Would have been nice to have a bit more follow up from the previous reports of tech sector drops which were somewhat accurate. July mostly everyone took a massive drop, AMD have since gone up from a low of 4.12 to 6.30 max i think, Nvidia have mostly been falling for the past few weeks at the same time. THe recent drops last week were mostly based around uncertainty following the Hurricane in the states, Monday was Labour day, the markets were closed. A previous great week for the UK market was stunted by uncertainty in the states, if the Hurricane was terrible Insurance write offs, pay outs and government spending on fixing the problem could all have massively hurt the economy.

    THe UK market went down largely due to this uncertainty and continued all week as the US market had a few other problems. This morning it would seem the FTSE is recovering quite well with a more stable situation on the world economy to make predictions on. Probably see the US market do very well after the goverment bail out of two of the biggest drivers of the economy in the states. AMD should recover the friday losses and probably continue to grow.

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