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Thread: First looks - The Witcher Rise Of The Wolf - Xbox 360,PS3

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    First looks - The Witcher Rise Of The Wolf - Xbox 360,PS3

    Monster-slaying RPG coming to next-gen consoles in 2009.
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    Re: First looks - The Witcher Rise Of The Wolf - Xbox 360,PS3

    Got it for the PC and love it. But am definately tempted with this one, like the style of the visuals on it. Wonder if the combat is going to be more real time type affair instead of 3 different fighting styles and clicking at the right time. Would be cool if the fighting was like Assasins Creed and Onimusha.

    Eurogamer has a short video for it up, looks like it could be part of the opening intro :
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    Re: First looks - The Witcher Rise Of The Wolf - Xbox 360,PS3

    i have heard they are redesigning the combat. This is not 100% confirmed though. I hope they do as its the only thing that stopped me buying it.

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    Re: First looks - The Witcher Rise Of The Wolf - Xbox 360,PS3

    The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf puts players in the role of Geralt, a professional monster slayer...
    ...well in the PC version, Geralt the man-whore

    I quite liked the combat system, had to tactically think how you go about fighting. What I don't like is the utter poo spells. The fire and "knock-back" are the only two you really need. I also like the "create your potions" bit but I can see that being simplified or even removed from the console version for more action, less harvesting/planning; THAT will be a massive downfall for me if that happens.

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