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Thread: News - YouTube brings premium music content back to UK viewers

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    News - YouTube brings premium music content back to UK viewers

    YouTube has reached an agreement with PRS for Music, paving the way for music videos to return to its UK site.
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    Re: News - YouTube brings premium music content back to UK viewers

    This really grinds my gears, just how blinking money grabbing those bloody music studios are. You would think they would be over the moon with the extra attention & publicity having the videos online would bring. The number of good singles/albums iv found by stumbling across it on youtube.

    The same with all those assorted videos with background tracks from various artists, which have all been removed due to copyright reasons. Once again, the number of videos which have led me to hunt down the backing tracks to it as iv liked the music....

    I can really see why people download music illegally, those studios do nothing but make enemies & turn their customers against them.

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