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Thread: CES 2010 - Kingston show you how quick SSD really is

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    CES 2010 - Kingston show you how quick SSD really is

    Louis from Kingston Technology takes two identical systems, one running a Kingston SSD and boots into Windows 7, opening 0 files at once to show how much quicker it is than an HDD system.
    Watch the show.

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    Re: CES 2010 - Kingston show you how quick SSD really is

    Just out of interest how many laptop users will have 5 apps open at once with 50 docs?
    Be nice to get some of these lower spec SSD's in the labs and compare them with the higher priced stuff, perhaps stick some of the cheaper ones in a RAID array using onboard etc to see how they perform then, as a single drive I'm not impressed but perhaps in a RAID array they might shine a bit more..

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