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Thread: News - Alan Wake now Xbox 360 exclusive, no PC version

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    News - Alan Wake now Xbox 360 exclusive, no PC version

    Microsoft makes decision to bring Remedy's thriller exclusively to Xbox 360.
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    Re: News - Alan Wake now Xbox 360 exclusive, no PC version

    Your loss, Remedy. Lost revenue from us PC and PS3 owners.

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    Re: News - Alan Wake now Xbox 360 exclusive, no PC version

    I'm so glad I lost interest in Alan Wake, after the last round of E3 videos showed it had gone in a more linear, and less freeform direction.

    That first trailer was truly amazing, sadly that game died a long time ago now. Replaced with a run-of-the-mill borathon.

    But, let's be really honest. This game is never going to be released, and even if it is, no-one will care anymore, even less being a console exclusive.

    "Matching the game to the right platform." Really, there's no need to bull**** us quite so obviously.

    The game has now become bad for gamers (it'll be a shadow of it's former potential), bad for the developers and publishers (it's not going to sell very well, long development costs).

    O dear...

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