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Thread: CeBIT 2010 : Thermaltake aim for the gamer with TT esports

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    CeBIT 2010 : Thermaltake aim for the gamer with TT esports

    Thermaltake is launching a gaming brand, TT esports... and you can check out the launch line-up right here.
    Watch the show.

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    Re: CeBIT 2010 : Thermaltake aim for the gamer with TT esports

    What's that keyboard on the far right in the video - the one described as the "cherry-type"? Can't find mention of it on the Thermaltake website. Looks very smart - like an Apple style keyboard and could be what I'm looking for....

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    Re: CeBIT 2010 : Thermaltake aim for the gamer with TT esports

    Cherry is a keyboard company that makes mechanical key switches, which it sells to very-high-end keyboard manufacturers to use in their keyboards (brands like Filco, Das, Deck). Compared to your average membrane or scissor switch keyboard, Cherry switches tend to provide a much better key feel, with a "tactile bump" on MX Brown and Blue switches, and at least a more accurate feel on the linear MX Black switches. Mechanical keyboards also tend to be better made and more durable (the IBM Model M being the most durable of all; I'm using one that's older than I am). There are other mechanical keyswitches than Cherry (IBM buckling spring and ALPS switches being the next most common) but the commentator (sorry, I forget his name) can probably tell the difference enough to know it's a Cherry MX switch. I'm guessing the Tt board will be using MX Blacks, so it'll be comparable to the Steelseries 7G keyboard. It might be using MX Browns though, which would make it more like a Das or Filco, or the iRocks KR-6230.

    I wonder if it will have backlighting? That'll put them in competition with Deck, and that would be neat to see, though I have a feeling that with its better name exposure Tt would win that battle even though I expect the boards wouldn't be as high of quality. But I doubt they'd invest in that expensive a keyboard.

    No matter what, though, I can guarantee you that it will be ridiculously expensive. Thermaltake should be renamed "Expensive Chunky Junk Emporium, Inc."

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    Re: CeBIT 2010 : Thermaltake aim for the gamer with TT esports

    Wow... keytastic!
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