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Thread: News - Crysis 2 will have single and multiplayer 3D support

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    News - Crysis 2 will have single and multiplayer 3D support

    Crytek quick to lend its support for the push into 3D gaming.
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    Unhappy Re: News - Crysis 2 will have single and multiplayer 3D support

    Im part of the 'utterly yawn-inducing' club.
    I really like the Crytek engine but havnt seen it feature in any decent games yet. Im not into MMO's and FarCry & Crysis were just showcases. This 3D element again takes the focus away from gameplay and I fear what has happened in the majority of 3D films, if it isnt in 3D its such a dull film that just isnt worth watching, the same will happen in 3D games.

    I'll still buy it to see how far the engine has moved on. I can only hope the game will be worth completing this time. Its a shame they lost the FarCry franchise as I thought it was miles better than Crysis. FarCry 2 was an insult to the first.

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