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but if you tax earnings and not company profits rich folk set up a company - pay themselves sweet FA - less than the minimum for income tax, then the rest goes in company shares, trust funds, etc and the net tax they pay is less than joe-average's 25% income + NI hit. It's this sort of horse crap the government needs to address far more than amazon deciding to have its head office somewhere overseas.
But they do this already!

What you need to do is make nay kind of income, regardless of where its from, taxed the same.

You also need to deal with the fact say you get regular flights to Dubai for £350, there you can pay 15% corp tax, and bring back cash at up to £10k per time. I don't know many people who work in Dubai ever who don't do this.

It's also a great example of why VAT is such a good tax, its very fair, and hard to dodge. I think we're going way off topic here. But the point is HMV isn't dieing because of Amazons gaming of the tax system, HMV is dieing because their busines model is outdated and un-competetive.