It's the last weekend of the month. People will have realised the number of shopping days 'till Christmas and will have flocked into stores unecessarily. So, my advice to you is stay at home and let HEXUS keep you happy. Here's a roundup of news for you:

256MB SanDisk Memory Stick PRO @ Rojak Pot
Superior to the original memory stick.

X-MEM External Hard Drive @ PDAToday
One weird looking product.

Albatron Mars PX915P-AGPe Motherboard @ PC Stats
With PCIe and AGPe (and AGP slot wired through the PCI bus.)

Interview: Kingston Technology @ Accelentation
Makers of HyperX memory.

Sunbeam Samurai Case @ OCIA
Samurais or Ninjas... which are better?

ATake UV Two Color LED Fan @ Phoronix
Oooo, lights.

Asetek 3.5" Bay HDD Cooler @ Systemcooling
Watercool your hard drive.

19'' LCD Hansol H950 @ OC-Service
Very thin border.