Socket 939 is now a fairly well established platform for AMD processors. There are a variety of motherboards to choose from, and with choice comes competition. So, you can shop around for the right features, and the right price. Tarinder takes a look at an offering from EPoX which has a promising feature set.
EPoX's 9NDA3+ has been designed to appeal to the largest possible audience. Layout is pretty good in most respects, aided by having only a single chipset bridge. The feature set is also a well-balanced affair. Due attention is paid to ensuring the board isn't just a stripped-down dragster, designed for pure performance. Instead, audio is given a helping hand by Realtek's ALC850 CODEC and dual S/PDIF-out jacks. There's also decent SATA and Gigabit Ethernet support, and the Power BIOS firmly has the enthusiast in mind. However, I'd like to see EPoX offer a greater variety of voltage options, especially with respect to the undervolting DRAM line.
Take a look, here.