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Thread: News - Battlefield 4 Premium Edition bundles all DLCs later this month

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    Re: News - Battlefield 4 Premium Edition bundles all DLCs later this month

    Quote Originally Posted by Brewster0101 View Post
    Not sure why this is so confusing - this concept has been around since Battlefield 2.

    They bring out the main game and then the expansion packs (now called DLC, were also called booster packs) - once all were released they would bundle the game and all expansion packs together.

    So 8 years on, they are still doing the same.

    I paid £30 on launch for BF4 , inc China Rising and then 6 months later £20 for the premium package/access. Frankly I find the battlefield games brilliant value considering the number of hours I will play it over its life. Apart from some minor quirks here and there, the game works well and graphics on ultra are stunning.
    Saying I am confused was not quite what I meant, concerned would probably be closer to what I meant, having not gone through several BF iterations, at least not completely, I am not really aware of the history of these games. I did have BFBC2 but didn't bother with getting all of the DLC, same with BF3, I did get some DLC but stopped playing before my lack of DLC became an issue. My main concern with BF4 was that the new DLC pack would be something I'd have to pay for as it was not listed as part of my original Premium package.

    Having just looked at the Origin pages to add Dragon Age:Origins to my account I can see that I will indeed be getting the Final Stand DLC as it is listed in the Origin Store and it is shown as unreleased in my Origin account.
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    Re: News - Battlefield 4 Premium Edition bundles all DLCs later this month

    Im really worried that Bf4 are going down the route of cash grabbing like activsion , BF3 was fantastic however BF4 really didn't excite me as much.

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