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Thread: NVIDIA to do the graphics for Sony's Playstation 3

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    NVIDIA to do the graphics for Sony's Playstation 3

    Some news from Ryszard on the HEXUS Front Page:


    In a joint PR, Sony and NVIDIA have announced that a variant of NVIDIA's recent GeForce 6-series graphics technology will be the pixel-pushing brains behind Sony's next console product. Here's a snippet from the PR.
    "We are thrilled to partner with Sony Computer Entertainment to build what will certainly be one of the most important computer entertainment and digital media platforms of the twenty-first century," added Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO, NVIDIA. "Over the past two years NVIDIA has worked closely with Sony Computer Entertainment on their next-generation computer entertainment system. In parallel, we have been designing our next-generation GeForce GPU. The combination of the revolutionary Cell processor and NVIDIA's graphics technologies will enable the creation of breathtaking imagery that will surprise and captivate consumers."
    With ATI doing XBox2 and the next Nintendo console, I'm guessing NVIDIA batted pretty hard to snag the PS3.

    Find the full PR over here.

    David is in the USA at the moment, and we will update you more as we get it.
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    "Over the past two years NVIDIA has worked closely with Sony Computer Entertainment..."

    Makes you wonder if were seeing the full picture as to why MS dropped NV.
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    Yup, that's about 8 months before ATI took the XBox2 design win.. in-ta-rest-ink..

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    think we are seeing more of the truth.

    Also i know some of the names who are spending a lot of time in Japan

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