Ever wondered how they make a motherboard? PC Stats take a tour of a Gigabyte Factory how motherboards are made.
Gigabyte's Nan-Ping factory is a modern building in rural Taiwan. Built in 1986, this 8-story factory encompasses 45,000 square meters of work space, and includes 18 SMT lines, 10 DIP lines, and 9 Testing lines. Nan-Ping's capacity is 800,000 motherboards and 400,000 videocards a month. Gigabyte has several other factories in Taiwan and mainland China that each manufacture motherboards, videocards, and other products.
They start where Gigabyte receive the PCBs (the creation of which is outsourced,) and then follow the surface mounting process through to the burn in test. My favourite bit is seeing a motherboard passed within millimetres of 242ÂșC molten solder.

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